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Monalisa Stephen: I use to be very Insecure About my ASS (VIDEO)

By Oludaniels

Monalisa Stephen, big, bold and beautiful Nigeria skit maker, plus-size model, fashion designer, has revealed what she thought was responsible for her flat ass.

The model that uses her plump size to her advantage said: she will ask her mother why her sister has better ass and shape, the late mother will reply ‘the midwife in charge of your delivery did not shape you properly because you came out with your bum instead of her head.’

The skit maker revealed this in a footage posted on her Instagram page and wrote: “I will ask my late mum why my sisters got the best ass shape except me

And she will say the midwife in charge of my delivery didn’t shape anything 🤣

She was so tired after she had me because I almost killed her coming out of her with my butt instead of the normal Head Birth.

I use to think having a flat ass was my punishment 🤣

It use to get to me a lot .

Days of wearing Ass pads for support or Using Editing to Add to the yansh😭😭

I almost paid for a lipo then I ask myself

Will you truly be happy after the surgery and deep down the answer was No.

See at the end of the day. It doesn’t really matter.

Genuine and real people don’t care.

You’re free to change what you don’t like about your body.

Just make sure you’re doing it for you and not anyone.

Life’s Short

Be Happy and Love yourself First.”

See video below:


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