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Lady sold sewing machine to buy a phone

A Nigerian man has narrated how a young girl sold her sewing machine and used the proceeds to buy a smartphone.

The man identified as @Kene_Nnewi took to his Twitter handle to reveal an astonishing story that happened.

He has disclosed that a young teen girl had completed her apprenticeship program, in which she learned sewing as a skill. After she was done with the program, the young man revealed that he sat her down and gave her words of advice, and bought her a sewing machine.

In his words; “leave small boys and focus on your career”.

Unfortunately, his words weren’t heeded to as the young lady sold the sewing machine and bought a smartphone with the proceedings.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“Bought this teenage girl sewing machine after her madam set her free last week…..Gave her advice to leave small small boys and focus on her career… Guess what? Her mama called me this evening to tell me that her daughter sold the machine and bought big phone.”


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