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France-Africa summit today focuses on African financial shortfall of around $300 billion caused by the viral disease

Several African Heads of State have arrived in the French capital, Paris for a conference on how the continent can recover from covid-19 shocks, this marks the first in person top level meetings held during the covid-19 pandemic.

Host of the event, France has said more than a dozen African leaders are attending the summit.

Egypt, Rwanda, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria are some of the invited dignitaries.

Also in attendance is the African Union Commission Chairperson.

”The real message of this conference is that we will not leave Sudan alone to face the colossal challenges imposed by all the transformations to which the people of Sudan aspire, and once again, I salute the resilience and desire for change, especially of women and young people”, Moussa Faki said.

On Monday, the focus of the conference was to rally support for Sudan. The country is transitioning after the outers of longtime leader, Moammar Gadhafi.

”I can’t stress enough the need to build the productive economy, that would ensure growth and job creation, as creating jobs for our young people is one of the most important priorities. We would like to create those opportunities for our young talent to stay in the country and build it with us, rather than taking this extremely difficult and dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. We are losing this young talent, we are losing our future, not only the current (time)”, said Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok.

Today (Tuesday 18th, 2021), the summit will be focusing on African economies trying to fill a financial shortfall of around $300 billion caused by the viral disease.

”The reduction of Sudanese debt that we will soon begin is a first result. It is important that this trajectory of Sudan’s return to the concert of nations be reinforced at the economic and political levels”, French President, Emmanuel Macron.