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Abandoned Olusola Saraki’s Library Now Criminal Aboard

Clarifications on the renovation of Ilorin West Local Government’s Library Named After Olusola Saraki Library*

Our attention has been drawn to what seems like deliberate and misinformation by some idle hands on the planned renovation of one of the properties of Ilorin West Local Government named after the late Olusola Saraki.

It is not private property as it belongs to the people of Ilorin west LGA. The said property is in a bad and abandoned state, it has not been served any viable use for a while, and has been serving as a haven for criminals and their activities, and this has made the facility a menace to the surrounding community

The government has decided to renovate the facility to enable it to be put to good use by the public. This is further supported by the appeal made by the people of Ilorin west LGA and based on this premise the decision to rehabilitation the facility was made by creating an ICT/ CBT center and library for public use.

The old structure needs to be taken down for a new one to emerge, hence the DEMOLITION and reconstruction of a new facility which began last week.

We wish to emphasis that this facility belongs to Ilorin west local government and naming it after the late politician was simply honorary.

The facility will retain the honorary name after the rehabilitation and reconstruction just like we have other public facilities named after eminent Kwarans.

We do not see any need for anyone to play cheap politics with the action of the local government over its own property.