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Royal butler lambasts Prince Harry, Meghan

Paul Burrell, who has worked for the Queen herself, lambasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for using their royal connections as they move into the world of celebrity, furthermore, he said, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘stabbing the Royal Family in the back’ by using their royal connections after stepping down.

Paul Burrell, who worked for the Queen and Princess Diana, said that the Sussexes are wrongfully ‘blurring the lines between royalty and celebrity’ after fans spotted something during their recent New York trip.

Harry was spotted with a microphone sticking out of his trousers, leading to suggestions that he and Meghan were filming for Netflix following their multi-million dollar deal with the streaming service.

Although it was their first public appearance since stepping down as working royals at the start of last year, the trip wasn’t the first time they’ve been in the headlines as of late.

Speaking to Closer magazine regarding the Sussexes’ celebrity status, Paul said: “Part of the royal fascination and popularity is that no one knows what really goes on behind closed doors.

“In playing on these connections, they are stabbing Harry’s family in the back and deepening the rift. I imagine Harry’s book will be even more shocking than what he’s said so far, as the publishers will need that.”

Last year’s deals with Netflix and Spotify were estimated to be worth $150 million (£110 million) and $25 million (£18.2 million) respectively.

Harry has also been appointed as Chief Impact Officer at mental health-oriented consultancy firm BetterUp.

This week, it was announced that the couple had become “impact partners” and investors of a sustainable investment firm on Wall Street called Ethic.

It is believed that the couple were introduced to the asset manager by friends but it is unknown how much they have invested or what they are being paid.


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