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Kickboxing champion refuses COVID-19 treatment dies at home, aged 41

An anti-vaxx kickboxing champion who was known as ‘The Undertaker’ has died at the age of 41 after denying he had Covid-19 and discharged himself from hospital to treat ‘the little virus’ with oxygen at home.

Frederic Sinistra died of complications relating to the virus in Ciney, Belgium, weeks after discharging himself from a hospital in Liege and telling followers he would treat his symptoms from home.

According to Daily Mail, the three-time world champion was admitted to hospital in late November after being forced to seek medical help by his coach and posted pictures of himself lying in bed in an intensive care ward with an oxygen tube in his nose.

Sinistra also posted a video on Facebook in which he appeared to be struggling to breathe and wrote in an accompanying caption that he had ‘no time to waste with lazy people’.

He railed against government restrictions to contain Covid-19, dismissed the virus and said the ‘little virus’ would not stop him in social media posts while in hospital. 

Sinistra was active online until December 13 but he died after going into cardiac arrest on December 15. His partner announced his passing the next day. 

On November 26, Sinistra announced a fight planned for December 4  had been cancelled, but said he was ‘disgusted’ to have called the event off.

‘A warrior never abdicates, I will come back even stronger,’ Sinistra wrote.

Days later in November, the former champion boxer posted: ‘I was born premature and I will continue to fight to the death like a man without ever giving up and dying without regrets’. 

On December 13, three days before his death was announced, Sinistra responded to comments on his Facebook page.

‘Thank you for all your support. I’m home recovering, as I should. I will come back a thousand times stronger,’ he wrote. 

Sinistra was admitted to hospital in late November after being forced to seek medical attention for his Covid-19 symptoms by his coach Osman Yigin.

Speaking to Belgian outlet SudInfo, Yigin said he told Sinistra to take himself to hospital and threatened to refuse to train the former world champion in the future if he refused to do so.

During his career, Sinistra won several heavyweight world and European kickboxing titles and claimed a national title in Belgium in 2004. He had a career record of 39 wins and nine losses and has been branded Belgium’s ‘strongest man’. 

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