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Woman strips down uses dress as face mask, family shocks

In a shocking display of dedication to Covid rules, a woman was caught on camera stripping off in an ice cream parlour in front of two children and their dad.

When challenged, the woman said: “Don’t ask me to put my face mask on, I’m doing it now.”

The red-haired lady was captured on a CCTV footage from the store, while removing her dress and attempts to wrap it around her head into a make-shift face mask as she walks into the shop in the busy shopping area of Godoy Cruz, in the western Argentinian province of Mendoza, shortly after 10.30 pm local time on Saturday night.

The scantily clad woman causes heads to turn as a father stood in the queue with his wife and two children is seen anxiously peering over his shoulder several times as she repositions her clothes around her face.

The unnamed woman turned and left again after being ordered out of the premises by staff who insisted she had to wear a proper face-covering mask – but not before telling them sarcastically: “Don’t ask me to put my face mask on, I’m doing it now.”

Local reports said the woman who went to extraordinary lengths to try to buy ice cream was part of a group of 11 people who selected her to choose for everyone because of Covid regulations limiting the numbers who can enter business premises.

Once it becomes clear the woman’s attempt to get served has failed, she turns around and leaves the shop

According to the Regional newspaper, Diario de Mendoza said the hungry 11 had managed to enjoy ice cream each in the end, although it was not made clear whether they ordered a takeaway or bought proper face masks to make sure they could get served inside.

The same day health chiefs in the province of Mendoza, which includes the capital city of the same name as well as Godoy Cruz, confirmed the number of confirmed Covid positives since the start of the pandemic had reached more than 172,000.