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Fani-Kayode: Nigeria is a sick country in need of deliverance

Fani Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode has blamed the current state of the country on the worrisome attitudes of the Nigerian public and the care freeness of political leaders.

The former Minister of Aviation in a statement titled,

 “The bitter truth about Nigerians” on Tuesday, lamented the woes bedeviling the country in its education, economy, politics, and other sectors.

He noted that Nigerians loathe honesty, kindness, and love, accusing them of bigotry, hatred, mendacity, and corruption.

He said: “They love the sensual and the sedentary and they worship money whilst they have contempt for those who place more value on discipline, restraint, holiness, virtue, honesty and decency.

“They place no value on education or the educated but place all value on those that flaunt cash and worship money.

“They build mega-churches that refuse to cater for the poor and they go there to ask God for prosperity and promotion instead of love and salvation.

“They condone Pastors that offer round-trips to heaven for 310,000 naira and they tolerate Sheiks that promote, protect, defend and pamper bloodthirsty terrorists and heartless kidnappers.

“We are a sick nation in dire need of delivery and prayer. We need the light and the power of God. We need a miracle. We need a new beginning..

“We need young, strong, God-fearing and dynamic leaders who have no fear and are prepared to tread on the toes of the mighty to get things done.

“We need leaders who haven’t been charmed or seduced by the forces of darkness and who do not bow to satan in the secrecy of their closets.”