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The struggle to have an ideal society is an unending one, it is our collective responsibility


Substance abusing youths and fathers are more at risk of mental health problems than non-users. The problem includes depression, personality disorders, extreme negativity, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, suicidal attempts and proper suicide.

Meljenstin NGO boss often advocates that growing criminality is a product of the broken social system. The youths are the most vulnerable. We want you all to support this angelic cause.

Community support is extremely important to prevent, treat, rehabilitate and accept those addicted to substances. Help break the stigma and promote faster recovery.

Be a good role model and empower young people to deal with life challenges to buffer substance abuse.

Be a messenger – provide factual information on the negative socio-economic effects of substance abuse to bring about behavioural changes. Be your brothers and sisters keeper. 

If you know what drug addiction and abuse twin demon has done in families, you will be the first to support the conference.