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Fr Mbaka: God is angry with Nigerian Christian clergy

Mbaka Father

Controversial Catholic Priest and founder of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu (AMEN), Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has warned that God is angry with Christian clergy of all denominations in the country over the different positions they took in the processes towards the 2023 general elections.

According to Ripples Nigeria, Mbaka raised the alarm during a sermon at the Adoration Ground at Umuchigbo-Nike Enugu on Sunday, said the Christian clerics offended God and incurred his wrath on the nation due to how they dabbled into the electoral process and the different positions.

“I apologise on behalf of all the priests and pastors in our shortcomings, particularly during the election and in this political period. We have offended God in the process but let God forgive us because we got it wrong,” he said.

Lamenting the division and hatred the election caused in Nigeria, Mbaka said:

“The power of God is above any rigging, the country is rotten, let us use the times we are expending for politicking to search for solutions to our problems. Politics is now dividing Nigerians and all these politicians I call them political hawks and vultures.”

The priest, however, said he would not talk much of politics so as not to be sent back to the Monastery again, as he has apologised to God to forgive the priests who took different ways offensive to the church and God in the process to the general election.