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Until death do us part drifts to ‘as long as I am happy’

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Welcome to another segment of ‘You and Your Marriage’., we will be talking about Commitment in marriage

The concept of marriage has always been “Until death does us part.” Today, for too many people; it is more like “As long as I am happy.” And nowadays, even the interpretation of this happiness can vary. For various reasons, we sometimes find it difficult to communicate our personal needs and expectations to our partners; such needs and expectations can change from time to time due to changing circumstances in our lives.  For example, you and your partner might have come together because of your mutual desire to travel and explore the universe. But your life’s direction may change after you have your fill of adventure from travelling.

Also, sometimes we do not fully understand the implications of what we ask or expect from our partner, and since misunderstandings lurk in many love affairs, we ought to maintain constant communication, both verbal and non-verbal, from both parties clearly expressing their expectations. Maintaining the flexibility to regroup and renegotiate our understanding of our relationship and agreement constantly.

For a long time, it was customary to honour your commitment in marriage, once you made it, you live by it, but many people who, after 25 or more years of unhappy marriages, Confessed that they remained together only because of their commitment.

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You are bound by your words and Know that your commitment to your marriage license, indicates that, after serious consideration and with full responsibility and integrity, you are agreeing to share your life with your partner; to assist in his/her personal growth development, and happiness wherever and whenever you can.

You also agree to cherish and protect the union with your partner so it can forever flourish and always remains a happy one. You are agreeing to this because you want to, and for no other reason.” when you look at marriage in this way, it becomes easier to see why marriage commitment does not end with a ceremony instead, it becomes a commitment for two people to strive toward, on a day-to-day basis. The commitment is to ensure the continued growth of each other and the relationship.

Too many people opined that after necessary steps are taken in their marriages, their comfort zone is secured and assumed that work is done.

These opinions can cause complacency, which is one of the killers of love relationships. Be guided by this slogan -what you did to win your partner should be the same thing you do to keep him/her.

Yes, the ecstasy of soothing relief goes to the climax when two people from different homes decided to come together and be committed to each other in a loving relationship, but this is just the beginning. It is sweet and interesting that you have been blessed with the good fortune to have found your desired soul mate, and that you both are in love.