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(Video) Nigerian lady becomes Igbo teacher in Chinese University

Nigerian lecturer who teaches Igbo to Chinese students. Photo Credit: @sweety_vieve Source: Twitter

In a heartwarming display of cultural exchange, a Nigerian lecturer named Miss Chioma has captivated social media users with her efforts to promote the indigenous Igbo language on an international platform.

A video shared by Chioma showcased her teaching Igbo to Chinese students at Southwest University in Chongqing, China, as part of an intercultural program.

The footage reveals Chioma engaging a class of primary school children who had visited the university as part of their intercultural program.

Speaking in Mandarin, the official language of China, Chioma introduced Chinese students to the basics of the Igbo language.

She taught them how to greet, show appreciation, and even led them in singing an Igbo song.

During the session, the passionate educator provided a brief background about the Igbo people, highlighting their notable contributions to Nigerian culture.

She expressed her intention to delve deeper into Igbo culture and her homeland during their next meeting, fostering an eagerness for further intercultural exchange.

Chioma’s commitment to preserving and promoting the Igbo language and culture resonated strongly with viewers, as her video quickly gained traction on social media platforms.

She wrote;

“See how I teach Chinese kids Igbo on Southwest University intercultural program,”

The clip shared has received widespread praise and commendation for her dedication and innovative teaching methods.

See below;