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Global Ambassador Buzopat mourns cousin, Arinze Mbaso


The search light beamed at the official Facebook page of our dear Global Ambassador Buzopat Osigwe and saw the emotional heart broken tribute she penned down for her late cousin Chief Arinze Mbaso who died at the age of 43. We decided to join in her pain by sharing the link.

The Tribute “Gone too soon: Arinze Mbaso takes a bow”
Rest in peace is not sitting pretty on you my darling cousin, nwoke oma, odogwu South Africa, jolly good fellow, life wire of every occasion, Agu nwoke, ide ruru uno, nwanne ma nwanneya, wonderful husband and father, humble, meek, kind and over generous. …….1 of Ozubulu.
I can never deny the pain that I carry but I will like us to remember you as a blessing and a lesson that God brings and he takes, I want to treasure the life you shared with us over the pain your untimely death has brought us. I want to talk about the you that I know.

I remember the day you called me and said my wonderful sister Chibuzo, you have been married out of our family but I have gone to bring the name back into our family, it must remain, my wife’s name is Chibuzo. I was like wawuuuuu wow wow wow nwoke ike, thank you so much. You are a brilliant brother that is happy with good things happening for others, you will ask of everyone and sincerely wants everyone to assemble together which most times is very difficult because of different life interests.

I will never forget the day I landed in South Africa, you were so excited that I didn’t bail out like I used to do, you were so fantastic and your wife so excellent, you made sure that the weeks I had was packed with memories back to back, we all had family trip to Limpopo forest and a tourist tour through Mozambique to see different animals and attractions. There has never been a dull moment with you. We fed zebra together, rode the tourist motorbike through the forests and laughed till we were tired.


Despite the fact that you were down health wise and recuperating, you surprised me with your presence during my book launch September 17th last year, you came with your squad and in your usual way you said sister give everyone your book so that they will know that beautiful and wonderful things springs from Mbaso family, how will I know that it will be the last time that I will see you alive, you were jesting non stop with my husband, the children, Sally them. Chai this is painfully sad.
Rest in eternal peace dear cousin, you will live on forever in our hearts, writing this piece today lessens the pain and anguish your demise gave me, I chose to remember more clearly the joy and happiness you radiated.

I am sending my love and deepest sympathy to your wife my name sake Chibuzo, who stood by you through thick and thin, who despite the months the sickness dragged, were there till the end, both of you are strong, you fought to live, you struggled to hold on, you loved your children and family too much, your commitment towards them were unique and memorable. Only God knew what both of you went through since the devilish ill-health descended from hell. May the amazing and amiable memories you both created to comfort her at this sad time.
I am also saddened that you left your darling sister Uju who you don’t joke with her matter at all, you loved her and you showed her, your mum that you brought to South Africa to showcase with pride and your other siblings.

Odogwu South Africa ka ibu yet you never got involved in all the squabbles we have witnessed every where. We can’t question God. I wrote the other day that life is not by grade but by grace, not by labour but by favour, not by merit but by mercy because the power of a seed is not in its size but in the quality of its product. You left too soon but your achievements are that of a 90 year old man.
Death didn’t come kindly to you but everyone will die and how “” no one knows. Rest in peace and power my dear cousin

Madam we share in your grief and pray that his soul rests in peace.
Going through the comment section we were touched with the outpour of emotions from people and we brought few here
Tears from Princess Fredrick was everywhere
We copied Sir Fidelis Osigwe’s post
Arinze!!! Who ever thought that 17th September 2022 would be the first and the last we would meet. Though you made an impact and you created a positive atmosphere that evidenced the family bond you shared with my wife your cousin, having heard so much about you prior to that encounter, you proved that you were still the jolly good fellow everyone talked about, who sees family value and unity as a sacred ornament that needs to be preserved and guarded with love.

You warmly welcomed me into your family with a statement that resonates with pride and dignity “You came and took the best in the family” that statement in its entirety is the truth and I’m lucky and proud to agree with you. I can’t say your life was too short because it’s only God who is the author and finisher, has the record and calls people to His glory at a time that suits him, all we pray is for Him to grant you eternal rest and to the loved ones you left behind, the fortitude, grace and mercy to continue to race of life. Adieu to a worthy Inlaw.

From Kelvin Erics
It’s so painful to write rest in peace to my uncle but God knows the best, you left us here in South Africa when we needed you most. Your legacy still lives. Rest in peace life changer, you will forever be in my heart.

From Kenechukwu
I still remember what we passed through driving around Lagos on the September 17th last year, despite the heavy engagements, he insisted that we must make it to your book launch, that was when I realised how special you were to him. He had great plans for you and your kids and so many other people because he valued relationships a lot. God knows why he has to leave now and he will also console all who are heartbroken by his demise.

So many more. We pray that the good Lord remembers his good deeds and forgives his mistakes. Take heart Hon.Amb Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick Osigwe.