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Owei and Agbaka’s Forbidden Fruit


Continued from last edition…
Throughout the night, Okiopo’s effort failed, he left angrily, while Lady sang a native song deriding Okiopo as she was carrying out her daily activities.  

Owei just coming back from an early morning routine of checking his fish nets and traps saw a frustrated Okiopo walking out of his father’s compound.

They exchanged pleasantries and then he noticed a funny behaviour from Lady who was not far off. He went closer to ask what the problem could be but, Lady quickly walked into her room, Owei followed.

Owei: “What was my Uncle doing here?”

Lady threw off her wrapper with both arms facing opposite directions… She said: “He came for this”, she was stark naked before Owei.

Owei: “Then what happened?”

Lady: “Nothing! So naa only old, old men good for me?” (Rhetorically)

Owei: “You mean nothing happened?”

Owei tried to look in a different direction; he turned towards the door, he took a step, Lady took a step towards him; Owei took another step; Lady did the same and pulled him to the bed for action.

Lady: ‘I need you now’ with a soft voice. She quickly stood up and went for the door and bolted it. Owei stood up undecidedly but, all he could see was the beautiful figure of Lady from behind.

Lady: ‘Wetin happen?’ she queried with both hands on her chest facing him.

Owei, fell for the forbidden fruit; they both performed the rituals Lady and Owei’s father (Agbaka) had been performing. They were all over each other, in excitement. At about 9 a.m., Owei’s mother, (Tariere) came knocking.

Tariere: ‘Lady Seridor’, meaning good morning in local dialect. She knocked further, kpos! Kpos! Kpos!.

Tariere: ‘Lady wari emi a? Meaning, is Lady at home?

Owei struggled to put on his clothes quickly and hid himself behind the door with his clothes clutched in both hands shamefully covering the lower part of his abdomen.

A satisfied Lady quietly stood up staggering towards the door she picked up her wrapper and used it to clean her face.

Lady: ‘Seridor’, she replied. (Good morning)

Tariere: ‘Tebra’. (How are you)

Lady: ‘Ama bra’.  (Fine).

To be continued in next edition…watch out!

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