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Three months ago police predicted daylight execution of crime boss Bassam Hamzy’s brother

Amoun, who was executed on Thursday, was among mourners at his cousin’s funeral last year (above) despite being warned he was the family’s next target on the gangland war list 

Brother of Brothers 4 Life gang boss Bassam Hamzy has been shot dead

Ghassan Amoun, 35, was gunned down in broad daylight in Western Sydney

He is yet another victim in Sydney’s long-running underworld gang war

He is the third Hamzy relative to die in a bloody feud with Alameddine family

Police had fears about torched getaway car after it was stolen three months ago

Detectives are still hunting for the cold blooded killers who gunned down underworld kingpin Bassam Hamzy’s brother, according to reports, police had earlier predicted that the stolen getaway car would be used for an underworld hit three months earlier. 

Ghassan Amoun, 35, was shot dead in a brazen daylight execution at about 1pm on Thursday, as he sat in a BMW outside an apartment building in Western Sydney.

Amoun, a high-ranking organised crime lieutenant, was the known ‘next target’ in Sydney’s bloody gang war between the Hamzy and Alameddine families.

He was set upon by a man ‘wearing dark clothing’ who had his face covered in what investigators called a ‘quite obviously targeted’ attack.

A second assailant is then thought to have picked up the triggerman in a Mini Cooper before speeding off and eventually setting it alight in a neighbouring suburb.

Police made a chilling warning about the small car just three months ago, fearing it would be used to target men linked to the Brothers 4 Life founder, Bassam Hamzy.

Detectives issued a public alert for a grey 2017 Mini Cooper that was stolen from a Warrawee home on Sydney’s Upper North Shore on October 28 along with three other cars.

The aggravated break-in was part of a wave of high-performance auto thefts in the area between October 25 and November 2, which were later used in underworld hits.      

‘We have previously seized more than 40 luxury stolen vehicles used in crimes across Greater Sydney — including vehicles used in an alleged murder attempt at North Sydney earlier this year and a double murder at Guildford last month,’ Detective Superintendent Grant Taylor said at the time.

Police foiled an alleged gangland hit on Ibrahim Hamze in August last year when officers spotted a Mercedes – one of the four vehicles reported stolen.

Salim and Toufik Hamze weren’t so lucky in October when they were gunned down outside their home in Guildford.

The long-running feud between the waring crime clans has been going on for years, as Bassam Hamzy continues to call the shots from his Goulburn Supermax prison cell after being sentenced for murder.

The modus operandi of the hitmen contracted to take out Hamzy associates is to sneak up on the target – often in a public place – and pepper them with bullets.

They then speed off in a stolen car with cloned number plates before dumping it in a nearby suburb and torching it.

A witness who saw the frightening scene play out on Thursday described the moment masked men set the Mini Cooper on fire in Una Street, Wentworthville.

‘There was a bang and everything started exploding,’ Ruth Simpson told Nine News.

At about 3 pm on Thursday, the 35-year-old’s body was still lying in the street covered by a blue sheet, as police and forensics officers wearing gloves and masks and carrying clipboards swarmed over the crime scene.

Acting Superintendent Glen Fitzgerald said the shooting was ‘quite obviously targeted’ and detectives were investigating ‘obvious connections to criminal networks.

The grey BMW Amoun drove to the location remains on the street, its door open, after the slain Hamzy family lieutenant’s body was found and pronounced dead at the scene

‘There appears to be a driver and a shooter that got out of one of the vehicles,’ acting Superintendent Fitzgerald said.

Amoun had been approached as he got into his car in a ‘very brutal attack’.

‘Any type of incident like this is a worry,’ acting Superintendent Fitzgerald said. ‘This is what happens when firearms are in the possession of the wrong people.’ 

Police and paramedics rushed to the shooting on Rawson Road in South Wentworthville about 12.45 pm on Thursday, but Amoun died at the scene.

Amoun is the third Hamzy relative to be assassinated in less than two years after Bassam’s brother Mejid Hamzy in 2020 and cousin Bilal Hamze in 2021.  

In June last year Bilal Hamze, 34, was shot dead after a date with a woman at trendy Japanese restaurant Kid Kyoto on Bridge Street, near Circular Quay.

Despite knowing he was a marked man, Amoun brushed off police fears he was ‘at risk’ and attended his executed cousin’s Sydney funeral with grieving family members.

Bassam Hamzy’s older brother Mejid Hamzy, 44, was gunned down outside his home in Condell Park by two black-clad men on the morning of October 19, 2020.

Last year a court heard that prior to Amoun attending Bilal Hamze’s funeral, a judge had concerns for his safety associating with other mourners.

Amoun had secretly fought police at the NSW Supreme Court court for the very right to be at the funeral.

Lawyers for Amoun had applied for the court to relax serious crime prevention orders which banned them from associating with two cousins for the duration of the funeral.

Police intelligence obtained earlier that week ‘suggests that (Ghassan Amoun) is said to be the next person to be targeted’, Justice David Davies told the court 24 hours before the June 2021 funeral.

OCTOBER 2012 – Tensions between the Bankstown and Blacktown chapters of B4L blow up with the shooting of Yehye Amood, 27 and Bassim Hijazi. Amhoom is killed but Hijazi survives and flees to Lebanon

MARCH 9, 2013 – Bassam Hamzy’s aunt Maha Hamze is shot eight times in the legs, but survives, in a reprisal attack for her son Ashkan Rajabi demanding money from another gang member’s mother

Another Hamzy brother Ibrahem (kneeling in grey hoodie) is pictured last year at his cousin Bilal Hamze’s gravesite after Hamze was executed

JULY 2013 –  Ashkan Rajabi and Bilal Hamze survive an assassination attempt in Wenworthville

OCTOBER 29, 2013 – Mahmoud Hamzy – cousin of Bassim Hamzy – shot dead in Revesby Heights. Five B4L members were later charged with the murder

NOVEMBER 3, 2013 – B4L member Michael Odisho shot but survives

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DECEMBER 16, 2013 – Standover man Joe Antoun shot dead in Strathfield

DECEMBER 11, 2014 – Bassam Hamzy’s mother Lola Hamzy was shot through her front door in Auburn

APRIL 9, 2016 – Safwan Charbaji – a relative of Alameddine associates – shot dead outside a smash repair shop in Condell Park

APRIL 29. 2016 – Wally Ahmad – associate of the Hamzi family – shot dead in Bankstown

OCTOBER 25, 2016 – Hamad Assad executed in Georges Hall. Assad was suspected of killing Ahmad

MARCH 20, 2017 – Hell’s Angel bikie Kemel Barakat is shot dead at home in Mortdale

MARCH 28, 2017 – Emed Sleiman is shot dead in his car park in Auburn. He was suspected of killing Barakat

OCTOBER 4, 2020 – Shaylin Zreika – an associate of the Alameddines – is beaten with a metal bar in a street fight in Strathfield

OCTOBER 18, 2020 – Rafat Alameddine’s former home is shot up in a drive-by shooting

OCTOBER 19, 2020 – Mejid Hamzy is shot dead in Condell  Park

JANUARY 30, 2021 – Mustafa Naaman is shot dead in Hurstville in a suspected mistaken identity attack on Ibrahem Hamze

JANUARY 30, 2021 – Mejed Derbas is shot dead in Smithfield

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 – Bilal Hamze’s mother Maha Hamze comes under gunfire again in another drive-by shooting at her home in Auburn

MARCH 12, 2021 – A home linked to the Alameddine family in Guildford is shot up

JUNE 17, 2021 – Bilal Hamze is shot dead outside Mr Wong’s restaurant in Sydney’s CBD

AUGUST 6, 2021 – Alameddine low-level associate Shady Kanj is shot in Chester Hill and found dead by police in Guildford

AUGUST 14, 2021 –  Police foil alleged gangland hit on Ibrahim Hamze when they spot stolen Mercedes in North Sydney

OCTOBER 20, 2021 – Salim and Toufik Hamze are gunned down outside their home in Guildford

NOVEMBER 10, 2021 – Drive-by shooting at Guildford home of Alameddine associate. No-one is hurt

JANUARY 6, 2022 – Brother of Bassam Hamzy, Ghassan Amoun, is shot dead at 35 years of age in a brazen daylight execution as he sat in a BMW outside an apartment building in Western Sydney.